Friday, October 16, 2009

About Me

Sex Surrogate Partner

Welcome! I'm Lonnie Saunders, I'm 24, an experienced sexual surrogate based in San Francisco, CA USA. I invite you to learn about intimacy, compassionate and sensual caring sex. I also travel to clients all over North America.

I am a:

* Certified Sex Surrogate/Surrogate Partner
* Healing Massage Practitioner
* Certified Sex Educator
* Sex Coach
* Public Speaker

I am a trained professional who works with clients in sex therapy As a surrogate, I am a partner to the client and assist in building the client's skills in the areas of confidence-building, understanding of his sexuality, and physical and emotional intimacy. This is accomplished through exercises in communication, meditation, relaxation, sensual and sexual touching and social skills development.

Whether you use the term surrogate, surrogates, surrogate partner or surogate partners, they all describe a caring, compassionate person whose mission is to help you improve your sexual vitality. I can help you gain a deeper awareness of your masculine sexuality and resolve intimacy concerns through my private sessions and personal telephone sex therapy. Discover skills and techniques that can enhance your lovemaking ability:

* Develop full focus on pleasure without the pressure of performance anxiety.
* Overcome sexual problems
* Unlock your unexplored sexual potential.
* Develop social skills to make you a better date
* Address adult virginity
* Learn about your body and your body image
* Discover true intimacy (which is not necessarily sexual)
* Help you with premature ejaculation.
* Help you with sexual anxiety.
* Help you with retarde ejaculation.
* Help you with Impotence.
* Help you with your sexual self image.
Let me, along with sex surrogates and surrogate partners across the country, be your mentors along the way.

(You may Contact me at to discuss therapy options.I do travel to meet clients.)